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Want to stay in touch while in Japan? Get a visitor Sim card! by Lloyd
Are you taking a trip to Japan? Do you want to bring your phone with you so that you can stay in touch with friends and family? If so, then I recommend getting a sim card called the "B-Mobile Visitor Sim". They have two Sim Card products which ...
Three tours worth taking around Oman by Lloyd
Are you heading to the Middle Eastern sultanate of Oman? Wondering what there could possible be to do in this desert country? Well, don't worry! There are quite a few interesting and diverse tours available to show tourists the many different ...

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What are special things to do in Monterrey Mexico in mid May?
by Wedad - 5 days ago
- Is there a train from Matamoros to Monterrey, Mexico? - How much a taxi costs? Thank you
by Wedad - 5 days ago
Do I need a Visa to italy for two weeks and 18 hour layover to Amsterdam if I'm an American citizen? I'm just gonna travel as a tourist. Thank you
by Guest - 1 week ago
Do i need a transit visa if im flying from manila to dubai, dubai to gatwick and gatwick to bermuda?
by dj - 1 week ago
Hi There! :) Are you planning to visit a country in South America called "Bolivia"? If so, then here're some important tips that any traveler should know: o By any means avoid drink tap ...
by Lloyd - 1 week ago
Hi There! :) Are you referring to the city in Argentina called "Mendoza"? If so, then you should know these following tips: o Always be vigilant when travelling alone, especially in bus ...
by Lloyd - 1 week ago
Hi There! :) The weight he should carry really depends on his physical condition. Hiking is a pretty fun exercise for the elders, here are some essential things that you might consider: o ...
by Lloyd - 1 week ago
Hi There! :) Yes, American citizens are required to get a visiting/tourist VISA. Getting a 30 day Brazil VISA from the US would generally take about $160 - $200. The price varies from the ...
by Lloyd - 1 week ago
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