I think I dropped my pouch that contains my passport and some ID’s as I was...

I think I dropped my pouch that contains my passport and some ID’s as I was walking along the streets of Lohovenka, Mykolaiv Ukraine this morning. I am a Colombian tourist and I would want to know where can I go to report the incident?

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Hi 😊

If the passport was dropped accidentally in the airport you can connect with this link


Lost passport is a serious matter not just for tourist but for anyone who might need it for traveling. A traveller like you can face difficulty when dealing with banks, hotels and even the police. A good alternative would be to connect with the US Embassy by making an appointment by using an online appointment system. You can be eligible for what they call as emergency limited validity passport. This will not require for an appointment to process. The requirement would be that you need the passport to travel urgently or have an immediate need for a passport like in your case where it was misplaced.

You are required to bring

-US birth certificate or Naturalization certificate
-Certificate certifying that you are a US citizen
-Consular report of birth abroad (if this applies)
- Valid Drivers License with photograph
-National Identity card with photograph
-Valid US or state government ID
- US military ID card ( if it applies)

Since this is declared lost report it immediately to the Ukrainian police. You need a police report to carry with you until you got the replacement passport. You will be required to pay certain fees for replacement of passport about more than $100 dollars. On average it would take 7 days to process the replacement passport.

Best regards!

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