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House rentals in New Orleans
Heading to New Orleans with a group of friends and need a place for everyone to stay? Don't worry! There are quite a lot of options where you and your friends could stay together. Here are two ...
by Lloyd
What to do in Japan: Historical museums
Edo-Tokyo Museum When traveling in Japan, take the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture by visiting some of the country's excellent museums. To give a taste of what the region has to ...
by kmanu
Fantasy and Nightmare Airports
All travelers spend way to much time in airports, some of which are absolutely terrible (the one that stands out most in my mind is the airport in Milan, Italy. Nightmare is a compliment for every ...
by Sarah
When in Ireland, don't forget to buy one of these!
Image of Galway crystal by Joseph Mischyshyn, via Wikimedia Commons Here are some of the most popular souvenirs that you could buy in Ireland: "Irish Whiskey" Irish whiskies are considered as ...
by Lloyd
Tips for traveling in Libya
Heading to Libya? Read this before you go! Here some of the laws and customs in Libya that any visitors should know: - Libyans don't agree with tipping. So, it is best to not offer any tips to ...
by Lloyd
Obtaining a Russian visa in Sydney
Is it possible to get a Russian visa in Sydney? Yes, it is possible to obtain a Russian Visa in Sydney. The Russian Federation requires foreign citizens to submit various valid identity documents ...
by Lloyd
Want to stay in touch while in Japan? Get a visitor Sim card!
Are you taking a trip to Japan? Do you want to bring your phone with you so that you can stay in touch with friends and family? If so, then I recommend getting a sim card called the "B-Mobile ...
by Lloyd
Three tours worth taking around Oman
Are you heading to the Middle Eastern sultanate of Oman? Wondering what there could possible be to do in this desert country? Well, don't worry! There are quite a few interesting and diverse ...
by Lloyd
The top 4 tours for Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman, Jamaica
Ocho Rios Heading to the Caribbean, or more specifically, Jamaica? Here are some of the best available tours in Ocho Rios and in Grand Cayman: 1. Know Jamaica Tours - Ocho Rios "Won the ...
by Lloyd
Four affordable places to stay in Paris
Heading to Paris for a few days? Nervous that accommodation might take up your whole budget? Don't worry! You can try these following places: 1. Le Montclair Hostel Rooms with double bed - ...
by Lloyd
How to travel to Dubai from the United States on a tight budget
Traveling to Dubai on a budget can be accomplished by following these suggestions: Check for discounted plane tickets and be flexible with your dates. Check out AirBnb options since most of ...
by Marra M
In Australia, can minors travel by bus without an accompanying adult?
A person should be at least 15 years old of age to buy a bus ticket and to be able to travel alone (if you are planning to do so). Note: - The ability to purchase bus tickets online is not ...
by Lloyd
How to plan your vaccinations for a trip to Central America
This is a guest post by Helen Cross who writes for simonseeks. Vaccinations are arguably the most irritating element of planning for a trip abroad: they are often ...
by Sarah
How to find a trekking guide in Nepal
Trekking to Upper Pisang There are several ways in finding trekking guides in Nepal. 1. You can easily get a trekking guide through your hotel if they have a travel agency associated with the ...
by Lloyd
Shipping pets as cargo
Shipping pets via cargo is definitely possible. It just depends on what location you are going to send them from and where they are going to. If you are from the US, most airlines there allow the ...
by Lloyd
What are the regulations for bringing a pet into Germany?
Here are some pet/animal regulations that you should know: 1. Airline pet container requirements Most airlines going to Germany typically require the pet owners to acquire a special traveling ...
by Lloyd
What to pack when traveling with a baby
Don't forget the diaper bag! You will, first of all, need a diaper or nappy bag that's big enough for you to put your baby's things in. Baby's things that a diaper bag can carry are: Diapers ...
by Joanne Ruth
The best place to see tigers in India
Heading to India? While you are there, take the opportunity to visit a nature reserve where you have the chance of seeing a tiger in the wild. Home to nearly half of the world's wild tiger ...
by kmanu
Six of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan
Heading to Japan? Make sure you don't miss these popular tourist attractions: Mount Fuji: Any person who loves nature and mountains should make an effort to visit Japan's iconic Mount Fuji. ...
by kmanu
by growlzor
Creative tourism
Creative tourism invented by UNESCO means that there are cities called creative cities that the travelers in those cities can take an active part in the community, it give the traveler an authentic ...
by Sarah
5 Tips to Choose a Comfortable Backpack
No doubt that one of the most important things to have as a traveler, is a comfortable backpack. This is true when on a trek on Nepal as much as it's true for a Dr. on the city. So how to choose a ...
by Sarah
Crazy Friend Stuck In Mexico
Welcome to the next post! I was up all night writing and working on my website when I got a chat message from a friend in Mexico through Facebook. This was an old buddy I met in Nicaragua a few ...
by worlddank
When Does Budget Travel Become Exploitation?
Most of us are or where Budget travelers, backpacking and roughing it in different cultures around the world, often, in countries were taking time off just to gallivant around the world is unheard ...
by Sarah
Three things to look for when buying a daypack
Three things to look for when buying a daypack. #1 Space to put your jacket and other layers. Daypacks are small so you mite not have room for your jacket but if you get a daypack with bungee cord ...
by Johnny Shoots
by admin
by worlddank
Nicaragua Sunset
by worlddank
Backpackers Dream
Now a days there are two types of travelers, the vacationers, and the backpackers! Being a backpacker is to be a modern day explorer. Living with no cares, only to roam with the essentials, ...
by worlddank
Test Post
Please Ignore RS7ERY2DUW98
by Sarah
Welcome to Backpacking Buddies Traveling Central America! I have been traveling since I was born and plan on never stopping! One of my favorite spots in this world is Central America. I have been ...
by worlddank
Steps of Repentance
St. Katherine
by leebobo
Congo border
hike across Congo from Uganda
by leebobo
Mt. Nimrod - Turkey
2 hours hike up the hill and 6 hours hike down and get back to town around 3am. hitchhike from highway back to town...
by leebobo
Syria and Turkey border
hitch a ride to town about 22km away.
by leebobo
Remote monastery in Jericho Israel
On the way to Jericho, saw the tree of Jericho.
by leebobo

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